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What is The Optimized Tribe?

The Optimized Tribe lead by the husband and wife team of Jay & Monica Campbell is the premier online destination for learning how to fully optimize your health while intuitively creating a better you.

Jay Campbell is a 4x international best selling author, champion men’s physique competitor, co-founder of Aseir Custom and founder of the Jay Campbell Brand and Podcast. Jay is a global influencer on hormones, biohacking and raising human consciousness. Jay will teach you how to raise your vibration to oscillation.

Monica Campbell is a best selling author, award winning mega listing real estate agent and affectionally known as the Rainbow Unicorn due her uncanny ability in helping others. Monica was raised by a single mother and an almost absent alcoholic father. Now the amazing mother of 5 children (3 biological and 2 bonus daughters) she has learned how to overcome adversity while thriving. Her decades of real estate skills training taught her mastery of interpersonal communication while her deep inner work practice honed her abilities as a megamanifester.  

In our weekly interviews and live interactive episodes, you will learn:

TIP-OF-THE-SPEAR HEALTH OPTIMIZATION: How to optimize your hormones, how to use peptides, how to build lean muscle and how to drop down to low levels of body fat. We will teach you what supplements to use and which grey market agents to avoid while dispelling all of the bro science myths found online. Don’t like what you currently look or feel like? Learn why you are enough as you are and as you improve. 

MASTERY OF MANIFESTATION: We will share simple and effective techniques to learn how to love and trust yourself while teaching you how to tap into your God given intuitive abilities. You will learn how to let go of the fear limiting your ability to manifest your highest and best life.

We’ll share ancient wisdom secrets for knowing how to accurately discern the difference between truth and falsehood, and how you can develop razor-sharp levels of cosmic awareness aka KNOWING.

HOW TO RAISE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS AND VIBRATION: Life is no longer hard to endure or complex to figure out when you learn how to raise your vibration to a level of pure self-love and gratitude. We will teach you how to choose focused thoughts, conscious words and intentional actions in every now moment.

HOW TO BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF: Learn How to live a Level 10 lifestyle and experience overwhelming abundance while achieving everything - and anything - you intentionally set your mind to.

HOW TO ATTRACT THE BEST PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE: Many people can struggle with relationships. We will provide you with tips and tricks on how to attract your ideal mate and/or people to work with. You will be instructed on how to improve your self worth to KNOW when someone or something is not right for you.

To take the first step before joining our tribe, we ask you to affirm:

I AM Self-Love and I AM Worthy of all the abundance in the universe I AM choosing to accept and allow into my CONSCIOUS BEING through acts of service and love to all creation.

Testimonials from Members

"Just have to say.....You two are a Power House!
Drooling for more, Great Work!"
— Teri, Whispering Wings
"I'm so glad I joined.
Probably the best decision I've ever made. So Pumped!"
— Bradford Solinksy
"Jay and Monica are an awesome team!
So blessed to have you guys as mentors and leaders."
— Angela Black


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